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The Camping Experience

Our camping experience included everything from making a camp fire, making a perfect charcoal fire in the grill, preparing a dinner meal, no let me correct that, it wasn't a meal, a feast would be a better description. It turned out to be six courses of wonderful tastes, a celebration for our taste buds, a gourmet's delight. Amazing how much of a difference my wife made on this trip - almost turned out to be a gastronomic experience shadowing the grandeur of Yosemite itself. It is that special woman's touch they add. The whole banquette lasted from 7pm till 11pm. Some of the many highlights were grilled fish paste patties, ribs, potatoes that we perfectly browned in the fire, tofu-like bean-based squares grilled with veggies, soup, fruit, wine, and at the very end, according to tradition, marshmallows.

We were pretty stuffed as you can imagine but we needed all that food to have energy to burn off to keep us warm. The temperatures dropped quite a bit from the day time highs and the later it got, the closer we moved to the camp fire which gave off plenty of heat. After finishing off all that food we got some other hungry visitors. Two raccoons stopped by to help themselves to some eggs and while doing so ripped the trash bag spreading the contents. This was a sneaky and surprising attack. Before I knew what was going on they had devoured four eggs and being used to humans simple noises like "gschh gschh" wouldn't scare them away, they wouldn't even move or blink with their eyes. One had to get as close as a yard before they considered moving. We found out that these raccoons supposedly also enjoyed the dog food of our camp site neighbors.

Before hitting the sack we toasted our toes and feet at the camp fire. Once midnight came around it was time to go to bed and simply slipped into our sleeping bags.

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