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Self-Actualization at Yosemite - In a Few Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes words are worth many pictures. For those of you never having experienced the grandeur of Yosemite, close your eyes and imagine the sunshine. It is strong for the day after our first wakeup. It feels warm on your skin and in your face. The rock surfaces around us were all warmed up to make it comfortable to sit or lay down to stretch your muscles. Laying on the rock looking straight up into the sky, you'll see that unique light blue color of the sky with a few fast moving soft clouds travelling by. While staring into the sky and your imagination starts seeing things in the clouds, you'll be surrounded by the sound of the fast moving water and the waterfall. If you lower your eyes, you'll see a scary looking, steep Halfdome in the north. Then you'll let your eyes glide westwards and from a sun-reflecting polished looking giant of a rock, you'll see the scenery change to a deep green forest covered chain of hills and if you turn your head even further westward you look down into the canyon that was carved by the water falling down the Nevada Falls. The dark green changes to a green that is lightened up by some yellow spots and some fresh green colors from leave trees. The picture of the valley is framed by the blue sky on the top, and the water falling in front of you on the bottom. The foreground is of course also framed by the smooth rocks forming the bed of the stream. But there doesn't seem to be a frame to the left or right in this picture. It is like a panorama view and it softly fades out an either side. Those not afraid of heights can crawl to the edge and look straight down the fall. But that's a different picture all together. Your imagination should be big enough to put this photo together without my help, just think of fearsome heights and spraying water.

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