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Naples Island

Naples Island Photo, Long Beach, California

If you visit Long Beach, you should drive around or take a gondola ride around Naples Island. Not only is it incredible that this corner has giant houses, but at Christmas time there is a boat parade which is better than all others. If you are a walker, a great way of seeing Naples is to walk around the paths that surround this island and boat docks with sail boats and fishing boats. You can stop at Sushi of Naples for a great bargain lunch or dinner before 6pm. Otherwise, if you are a good walker, go to 2nd street for a wide choice of restaurants.

Naples is a hidden piece of Long Beach that can be seen by boat or by car or by walking. It is best explored by walking, but a gondola ride can be very romantic and leaves from Ocean Blvd.

Don't miss Naples, if you are in the Long Beach area.

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