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Jardin Exotique and Castle ruins

Jardin Exotique Photo, Eze, France

Whether people go up for the Exotic Gardens or just for the view is questionable. These Exotic Gardens are set high atop the village of Eze with the Castle ruins by their side. At just 2.50 euros each, you are getting a bargain, as the views from here are spectacular to say the least.

There are several hundred varieties of plants in the gardens, most of them appear to be cacti in all shapes and sizes. We did find several plants to be wrapped in plastic. We could only guess that it is to protect them from the cold at night as the days were sunny and warm, but the nights were a bit cold.

If the skies are clear you can see all the way to the French island of Corsica from the gardens. Normally, you can see the coastline from Italy to St. Tropez, France.

The castle dates from the 14th century, which was destroyed in 1706. You can sit among the ruins and soak up some sun and relax after that climb up here.

Telephone number: +33(0)493 41 10 30 Open year round, 9am-noon and 2-5pm. From July 1st to August 31st, the hours are extended: 9am to 8pm.

It can be hard work to get up here, but it is worth it. Take your time along the way. Stop at the little artisan shops, it can be quite interesting. In no time you will find your way to the top. Interestingly, you will find no mention that there is a fee to enter the gardens, even though it is well-signed concerning how to get there.

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