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Food and Drink in Brussels

Brussels is a great place to be if you like to eat great food and drink really great beer!!

The best place to find a great restaurant is out of the main square, the Grand Place. It is very tempting to sit in the main square to eat because there are so many people around and it just looks like something you need to do. It is less expensive to go elsewhere.

There are several very narrow side streets that branch off of this main square. Owners will stand outside and coax you into their restaurants. Try something new. Brussels is famous for its mussels. You will see big pots of steamed mussels everywhere you go in this city. I never did have the guts to try them, which is something I regret to this day. You will find a wide variety of places and things to eat. One thing I might recommend is a fruits de mer pizza. Basically, it is a pizza with different kinds of seafood on it. I had it two nights in a row it was so wonderful.

Another suggestion for something you must have when you are in Belgium is Belgian chips with mayonnaise and a Belgian waffle with chocolate. You will find vendors all over selling these popular treats.

Beer is a hot topic in Belgium. You will find some of the world's finest and oldest beers in this country. Beers were traditionally made by monks. There are beer museums you can visit to see the art of beer. You will see signs everywhere boasting Jupiler, Duvel, Stella Artois, and Leffe, which are just a few of the more popular Belgian beers. Be sure to take up a chair in one of the sidewalk cafes and enjoy a few of the nations finest.

Chocolate is another thing that comes to mind when you think of Belgium. Who can resist some fine Belgian chocolate? You will find many chocolate stores tucked away in this city. Shop around, too, because we found that prices vary for the same items depending on where you are. I suggest trying the pralines and chocolate-covered orange peels.

Food, drink and snacks are very diverse in Brussels. You WILL NOT go away hungry or disappointed. Be brave; try something new and different. I'm sure I missed out on plenty of things that I didn't even mention here, as there's just too much to try in only a few days. A person can only eat and drink so much!!

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