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Coming In For A Landing Photo, Dominica, Caribbean

The official name for this island is the Commonwealth of Dominica; the name helps people avoid confusing Dominica with the Dominican Republic. The official language is English, but it might take you a few days to get used to the native pronunciations. For months I thought one of my new found friends was named June. Come to find out her name is Joan.

Population is approximately 72,000, with 20,000 inhabiting the Roseau (a French name for the reeds that grow by the river area), the capital. Dominica sports 365 rivers, some small, some large. They actually export water to neighboring islands. Their electricity is mainly hydro generated.

Independence from Great Britain was attained in 1978. The head of state is the President but the Prime Minister and the cabinet maintain executive power. When we visited the Prime Minister was a woman!

National pride is evident throughout the island. We spent the Christmas holidays there, and I can say without a doubt that is was the most memorable Christmas of my life.

On Christmas Eve the entire island gathers on the Bay downtown in Roseau for the tree lighting and to sing carols. Midnight mass follows complete with drums, guitars and native songs.

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