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7:00 am - Beach, Lighthouse and Ferry

Sunrise at the beach... Photo, Outer Banks, North Carolina

I woke up a quarter to seven - 45 minutes before the alarm was to go off. I am usually not a morning person, but whenever I stay near the ocean I just have to get up early and take a walk on the beach . If you’re into photography you probably already know that the light at sunrise is just magical. See for yourself by clicking on the photos below!
And here is another good reason: walking on sand is great exercise and you get a foot massage at the same time!!! After a 45-minute walk I dragged my tar heels back upstairs to the room and woke up my (lazy?) husband.

We wanted to catch the ferry to Ocracoke at 8:30 am, so that we could have enough time to walk around the village and then get the other ferry at noon to Cedar Island (the mainland). Although the first ferry leaves every 30 minutes, everything had to be timed right (in my opinion anyway). The ride takes 40 minutes and has a capacity of 30 cars. It is not possible to make a reservation for this free ferry ride, so I figured that we should get there 10 minutes early to be guaranteed a space (you never know at rush-hour (!), or don’t they have that here?).

All this planning meant that I had to sacrifice my day-time visit of the famous lighthouse , which didn’t open until 10 am. We did stop there briefly though to take some touristy pictures (see below). I think I would have had a spectacular view of the island from the top of this 208 foot-high tower and I wish I could have climbed it, but maybe I would have been too tired anyway after all this beach walking! If you would like more information about the lighthouse, call 252-995-4474 .

So we made it on the 8:30 am ferry to Ocracoke Island in plenty of time. There was no problem in getting space this time of year (May 22) and I enjoyed my first American ferry ride parked right at the front of the ship between some local fishermen and the ORKIN man starting his workday with a pleasant ride in the sunshine and plenty of time to read the paper. Island life is just amazing!!!

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