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Club Continental (Wedding)

Where the vows were exchanged Photo, Jacksonville, Florida

2145 Astor Street
Orange Park
Phone #: (800) 877-6070

I know my friends looked at lots of places to have their wedding in Jacksonville, but they chose this place. It's not hard to see why. The Continental Club is a gorgeous 80-year-old estate overlooking the St. John's River. The view is breathtaking, and not anything I would expect from a "river" view. On the premises there is a Bed & Breakfast, a pool, a tennis court, a dining hall, and a large Mediterranean-style house for special gatherings, like weddings. The grounds are landscaped beautifully with large oak trees, several gardens, and fountains.

Arriving as a wedding guest, we had a bit of a hard time actually finding where (on the grounds) the wedding was, but once we did, we were able to park and walked to the "house area" where the wedding was. The greeting area was on a porch on one side of the house, next to the pool. The ceremony took place in the back of the house, overlooking the river, with a semi-circle "balcony" surrounded by planted flowers as the altar. It was gorgeous.

The reception took place inside the house. Three adjoining rooms in the back of the house were set up with tables and the food meticulously arranged in a smaller room in the middle of the house. The dark mahongany bar (complete with bartender) served up all the drinks in the very center of the house. In the front of the house were the bathrooms (separate for Men & Women), the foyer (leading out into the front courtyard), and the marble-floored (dance floor) room. All the rooms opened into each other, and people freely roamed about.

Continental Club offers up several menus of food for the wedding party to choose from. My friends chose several appetizer-type foods, including fried conch, fried catfish, boiled shrimp, cheeses & crackers, fresh fruit & vegetables, and a pasta bar. It was all delicious.

The wedding was, by far, the best wedding I've been to. Nothing went wrong! The only real problem they had was a woman, decked out in shorts and a tank top, (staying at the B&B, we guess), came in right as the cake was being cut, and, incredibly, asked the bride if she could HAVE the flowers from the wedding!

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