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Snake in the Shower

Snake in the Shower Photo, Madrid, Spain

I have to share this story, although it is not about a real snake in the shower. If the incident had been videotaped, it would probably make the cut for Funniest Videos, well then again, maybe not since I was naked. I have attached a picture of the shower and "the coiled up snake" from my room at Hostal Astoria.

First, let me say this was not the FIRST time I had used this type of shower with a water hose rather than the usual permanent shower head. You may be able to see the small white plastic hook high on the shower wall where the hose can be attached so it need not be held the entire time during a shower. I proceeded to hook the shower hose on it so it would be similar to the permanent shower head which I am accustomed.

Yet, at a point right when I started to put shampoo in my hair, the shower hose detached from the wall. Not only did it just detach, it dove through the separation of the shower curtains and started spraying water all over the bathroom. I tried frantically to reign in the cord, but the strong water pressure had turned it into a wild snake thrashing about and the cord was so long, I just couldn't pull it all back in the shower area. I knew I needed to kill the snake quickly as it was wreaking havoc outside the curtains, so I slammed down the lever, the water turned off immediately and it was quiet.

I took a deep breath and then slowly, I pulled apart the curtains to survey the damage. The snake hadn't left an inch of the bathroom dry. Water was dripping from the ceiling and the floor was soaked. The mirror was streaked with water as were the walls. It didn't even spare my extra roll of toilet paper.

As I still had shampoo in my hair, I needed to get back in the shower. However this time I sat down in the tub, kept a firm grip on the snake, and quickly rinsed my hair.

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