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Enchanted Gardens Spa

The spa and gym that is located at Enchanted Gardens has some great strengths and clear weaknesses that earn it a mixed review. The spa features extensive services for relaxation and physical well-being. These services, however, are not always executed well, and I got the impression that the procedures were modified on the spot so as to naturally require an additional "follow-up" treatent which came, of course, at an additional price.

I went there for sunburn relief, and purchased a moisturizing aloe body wrap. They poured somewhat cold water on me, then generously applied their own homemade aloe gel all over my aching skin. They then wrapped me up like a mummy in a bedsheet and poured freezing cold water over me. I couldn't exactly jump up as I was bound in a bedsheet! But I shivered and asked if they might try a little bit warmer water. The attendant said not to worry, I'd get used to it. She then left me alone in the room for twenty minutes without saying a word.

Maybe I'm just not used to tough love spa treatments but this lack of communication seemed odd to me. Afte twenty minutes and my resorting to call out to her, she finally arrived to find my teeth chattering. She said, oh, is that too cold? Well, in the end I was less preoccupied with pain and I allowed her to convince me to buy some additional aloe so I could simply escape without further harm.

The gym was fairly lacking in equipment, but I had the place to myself. I guess not too many honeymooning couples were interested in keeping up their work out regimens. There's not much in the way of cardiovascular equipment, and the locker room was inexplicably "unavailable." You might be better off jogging the extensive campus of the resort.

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