Djibouti Stories and Tips

Boring Background Information

The Republic of Djibouti is 8,949 square miles with a population of 577,000. It was the last French colony in Africa until its independence in 1977. There are still French troops stationed permanently in Djibouti and the nation remains dependent on French aid.

Bordered by Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Gulf of Aden it is little more than a port,created in 1888, and a rocky desert. There are salt lakes and pans while agriculture struggles to provide a few vegetables. There is seasonal rain between November and April when inadequate drainage turns the roads to rivers, otherwise it is HOT and dry.

The cattle are scrawny, camels, goats and sheep do well. The omnipresent fly flourishes with impunity, especially around the chickens.

Djibouti is a multicultural state housing over 150,000 refugees who have fled the civil wars in neighboring countries. It is a poor, third-world country. Drop money to the needy. A guide who speaks five languages earns approximately $15 US per month.

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