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Some Thoughts for the Tourist Shopper

Moveis Santo Antonio de Padua Ltda. Photo, Mirassol, Brazil

When i was married about 17 years ago, our family traveled to Mirassol to purchase furnitures manufactured by hand of the highest qualities around.

Mirassol has been known for their craftsmen for many years. Among our favorites has been Casa Verde Ltda and Moveis Santo Antonio de Padua Ltda.

When traveling to Mirassol, there is a unique possibility for the tourist to "export" some of the very beautiful crafts made in Mirassol. You could arrange for a freighter departing from Santos, along the coast of Sao Paulo. You can place your purchase in a shipping container departing to your nearest home port of call.

Santos is a very large port and the busiest one in Latin America. Consider these thoughts, for as you tour the interior of Sao Paulo state, you shall begin to view many different manufacturing plants which provide their skills for export already.

Most manufacturing companies located in the interior of Sao Paulo in effect would retail the product to yourself, therefore eliminating the middle man in the transaction.

Consider the options of smart buying even when simply for yourself. In Mirassol, the two furniture manufactures whom have always make skilled crafts can be located at these addresses when you get in town.

Casa Verde Ltda.
Rua Ernani da Gama Correa,3500

Moveis Santo Antonio de Padua Ltda.
Rua 2,115
Distrito Industrial
telephone (017)242-4804

You shall see many crafts such as handmade carved doors, dressers, and even wall units which will excite you. Good luck and happy shopping. Prices are good.

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