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A Dog Named Freud - A Family's Best Friend-Noticias Populares News

onca pintada Photo, Mirassol, Brazil

Got the morning news for this Sunday for Mirassol. It was published by Noticicas Populares News. It is a very strange occurence, so unique that felt fellow travelers would be amazed. Logically, you need not rate this since it doesn't truly relate to travel,other than warns you to watch where you are while in Mirassol for only the present time.

Here is the breaking news for this morning:
A street dog not owned by anyone, called Freud came to the rescue of a family in Mirassol, whom was cornered this morning. The attacker was none other than a onca pintado (jaguar), which is not native to this part of the state. The jaguar was discovered as it was following a 5 year old boy home to his farm. Upon entering the farm, the mother of the boy was permitted to enter her home unharmed with her young son, when Freud, the unowned dog came to their protection. Freud commenced a brutal fight with the jaguar,and unfortunatly did not survive the attacks on his neck by the jaguar. The mother and their son were unharmed. Freud had survived the attacks long enough to allow the jaguar to be run off the farm. Since the attack, the Forestal Police and Federal Firefighters are attempting to locate the jaguar in the area of Barra Grande water reserve in Mirassol. The jaguar is blamed for the deaths of one other dog and eight cattle. The news article was published by Noticias Populares. Occurrences as such are extremely rare, but can happen anyway. Just thought I would share this news article with my friends. For those not familiar with a jaguar, here is a picture of one from the article. I'm sure the jaguar will be caught very soon and taken to Gruta, which is a federal park reserve just outside from the center of town or somewhere else.

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