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Almost all of the following tours can be book at the Tour Center when you arrive at Ayers Rock Resort or can be arranged ahead of time over the internet.

Motorcycle Tours: Passengers are picked up from their accommodations at the Resort on Harley Davidson motorcycle for a sunset tour of Uluru and Kata Tjuta, followed by champagne which watching the color changes. A sunrise and a half-day ride are also available.

Uluru Walk follows the oldest walking track on earth around the base. Hear Aboriginal creation-time stories and view ancient Aboriginal art. Transportation and breakfast are included. $40.00 US Dollars, duration 5 hours.

Spirit of Uluru is a vehicle-based tour around Uluru at sunrise. Short guided walks to points of interest. Also visit the Cultural Center. $40.00 US Dollars, duration 4 hours.

Olgas & Dunes: Travel through the great dome formations to discover secrets of plant and animal survival. Relax with champagne and experience the sunset. $30.00 US Dollars, duration 4 hours.

Aboriginal Uluru Tours: Start with sunrise and a short base tour, followed by breakfast at the Cultural Center, then join your Aboriginal guide for the Liur Walk. Creations stories, traditional tools, weapons and implements used in daily life are explained. $50.00 US Dollars, duration 4 to 5 hours.

Night Sky Show: You will be picked up at your accommodations and driven away from the Resort. The darkness of the outback location and the clean atmosphere brings the stars of the Southern Hemisphere within your reach (or so it seems) $16.00 duration 1 hour.

There are many other tours, some required that you have transportation, some offer special prices for families, and discounted prices for children. All the information can be overwhelming. My advice is to decide what specific things you want to see and do and concentrate of those. Descriptions of all tours and what they include can be found on the internet. It you are on a budget, try to narrow it down before you get to Ayers Rock. Here are a few of the internet sites I used in my planning:
www.ayersrockresort.com.au www.anangutours.com.au www.cameltours.com.au www.northernterritory.com

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