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What to Pack

View of the Harbor at Mazatlan Photo, Mexican Riviera, Mexico

This is probably the most important question you will ask yourself after all arrangements are made. Here are just a few guidelines.

At least one, and possible two nights (on a 7 day cruise) will be designated as "formal". Ladies, this means your finest - ranging from a long black skirt with a glittery top to a cocktail dress. Gents, on our cruise, very few men wore tuxedoes, most wore dark suits. Another night will be designed as "semi-formal" and just about the same attire is appropriate. All other evenings, passengers are expected to dress "smart casual"- something you would wear to a nice restaurant.

During the day, depending on the weather of course, shorts, jeans, slacks comfortable shoes are appropriate both on the ship and for shore tours. No matter the weather - pack a swimsuit; the pools are great and the hot tubs even better. On Princess you will be provided with a nice bathrobe that is great for the trek from your stateroom to the pool or hot tub and back. Workout clothes, sun block, a good book for those lazy hours in a deck chair, all medications including something for motion sickness if you suspect any trouble should be included on your list.

Princess (and I assume most others cruise lines) provide hair dryers in all staterooms, along with soaps, shampoos, and body creams. Ladies might want to pack a shawl or light wrap, as even in the nicest weather, it might be cool for a late night walk on deck.

Pack a light weight backpack for carrying around cameras, bottled water, books, etc, especially for any shore tours - keep your hands free, your valuables safe and a place to keep your purchases out of sight.

On the last night of our cruise, all passengers were asked to place luggage outside their stateroom by 10:00 that evening. We packed everything except items needed for that night and the next morning. Be sure to take a small suitcase so that you can pack your toiletries, clothes from the night before, and last minute items. We were asked to leave our staterooms by 8:30 but were not scheduled to leave the ship until 11:00 and we didn’t want to lug around a large suitcase. On shore, you will be re-united with all your luggage.

Don’t forget to bring lots of film; it is quite expensive on the ship. Since no clocks are in the Staterooms, you may want to pack a small travel clock.

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