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Outdoor Market and Architecture

Beautiful Architecture Photo, Trieste, Italy

A short walk from our hotel was Capo di Piazza, an area that was closed off to vehicle traffic for an outdoor market on the day we visited.

Vendors were selling items that included hand-woven scarfs, wind chimes, wood items, glassware, paintings, and other gift items. And the food booths!!! There were so many to choose from it was hard to make a decision.

For anyone who is the least bit interested in architecture, Trieste has a wealth of beautifully designed buildings. I do not have an architectural background so I cannot describe the buildings in technical terms. It is obvious that many were of Roman influence, with intricate designs and details.

A host of religious buildings, gathered in the heart of the town, has left an odd mark on Trieste and is evidence of its long history. The settling of various communities that joined the original natives of the town, after the proclamation of a free port, created a situation where Greeks, Illyrians, Germans, Swiss, English and Jews constructed religious building in the style that brought back their own cultural world and country of origins. All these are delights to the eyes.

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