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The D River

The D River Photo, Oregon Coast, Oregon

The D River is the shortest river in the world -- less than 500 feet long -- and when I realized I was going to drive over it, I wanted to take a picture. The notion of "the shortest river in the world" struck me as absurd yet cute: I imagined a stubby river. So, on our way past Devil's Lake in Lincoln City, we drove over D River (there's a sign that actually alerts you to its imminence). I made my boyfriend stop the car and stuck my body out the window to get a photo. It was around rush hour, so more than a few commuters behind us were honking and otherwise acting unlike any other Oregonians we'd thus far met. I got my photo, though, and 30 seconds later we were rolling again, back to the coast. Photo attached so you can decide for yourself whether or not the D River is stubby.

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