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Swimming Awareness and Danger!

Ok folks.. this is no laughing matter. The waters off of the Delaware coast have very strong under-currents and often, there are rip-tides to go along with that. I was there on Saturday, August 12th 2000 and I witnessed 4 rescue attemps by lifeguards. I am a great swimmer, but I was raised to respect the water and its moods. It was VERY moody that day, the currents were pulling me and that is no laughing matter. It scares me to no end that some parents were NOT paying attention to their children. If those currents can pull this 5`11` and not that thin, great swimmer adult in, imagine what they can do to a child. PAY attention to the lifeguards and feel the mood of the water. If it`s not safe, just stay at its edge. Be safe!

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