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Blue Benn Diner

Bennington's Photo, Bennington, Vermont

The Blue Benn Diner is an institution...mentioned in such prestigious publications as the "Christian Science Monitor", "Yankee Magazine" and "Classic Diners of the Northeast".

This place is a family run business since 1974. Owner Sonny and wife Marylou, and daughter Lisa, take great pride in serving delicious food at a price anybody can afford. The unusual thing about the food here is that wholesome,veggie meals are on the menu such as veggie chili,veggie lasagna,Blue Benn Veggie Burger,Marinated Portabello Mushrooms,Shiitake Mushroom and Broccoli,veggie meat loaf,Syrian Roll-Ups,Veggie Burrito,Veggie Enchilada,and Eggplant Almond name only a few of the items on the menu. The morning we were here, I had a delicious Multigrain with blueberries pancakes and my friend had the Garden Scrambled with broccoli,spinach,tomatoes,onions,mushrooms,peppers, and topped with cheddar. The Blue Benn also serves more traditional foods such as Pot Roast,Roast Turkey, Fried Scallops,Chicken Picatta,and many other selections.

The portions are very generous and the price very reasonable. The place was very crowded the morning we were there...we chose to sit on stools rather than wait for a booth. This is an extremely popular place.

Along with the food, the building itself has an interesting history. The Blue Benn Diner was manufactured by the Paterson Vehicle Co. of Patterson, NJ in the 1940's. This company was also known as the Silk City Design. In 1949 it was shipped and assembled on its present site in Bennington.

Some information on the DINER INSTITUTION. The DINER is strictly an American creation...I have been told that you won't find a diner in Europe. The old diner is a stand-alone structure. One story tall and usually longer than wider, they often look like an abandoned railroad car or trolly...which some are. The traditional diner is constructed primarily of stainless steel, chrome,pressed tin, and a lot of lavendering. During the 1920s and 30s,manufacturers designed them to look like sleek cool trains. They are called diners because it is a short version for dining car.

A DINER is simply an eatery where you can enjoy a delicious homecooked meal at a fair price and served in a hurry without fanfare or garnish. There isn't a lot of room in a diner such as Blue Benn and that's the way it was meant to be. A diner like Blue Benn is a place for people to gather...for a community to come together, to have a good meal and enjoy themselves. Friendliness takes up a lot of space in the Blue Benn Diner...people are talking to each can be is certainly not a place to put on airs.

One additional feature that warmed my heart at the Blue Benn was the jukebox...full of oldie but goodies from the 50's and 60's.

If you decide to visit Bennington, don't miss out on this special place to eat.

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