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Carmel, Santa Barbara and off to LA!

Santa Barbara Beach Photo, Santa Barbara, California

15th July 1999

Today we headed from San Francisco to Santa Barbara.

It was yet another driving day, but seeing that half the tour group ended in San Francisco ("LA to the Bay" ended there while we "Wild Western"ers went on back down to Anaheim again), I had two seats to myself to put my leg up on!

We stopped off in a place called Carmel for lunch, where Clint Eastwood used to be mayor. It was a rather pretentious town, where every shop was an art gallery, or over priced. I didn''t buy much there, just limped around the shops with the others before having lunch, and going back to the coach.

Our stop after that was at a place called the Madonna Inn.

If you ever want to see the tackiest place on earth, make sure to drop in on the Madonna Inn!!! O_O

Tacky, tacky, tacky! A pink building, and the inside is just ... tacky!! You''ve got to see the place to believe it!! If you ever need a laugh, go there!

I heard that in the guy''s toilets, the ones down the stairs, their urinal was a waterfall! O_O

And speaking of weird plumbing... what is it with all the hotels we stayed at? I haven''t checked out anyone''s house to see what their plumbing is like in America, but here in Australia we have two taps to turn the water on - a hot and a cold tap. Turn them, and the water goes on. Turn them the other way and the water goes off. That''s for showers, baths and sinks. But in these hotels, it seems to be the more complex the taps for the bath/shower, the ''better'' it is!

We ended up playing a game called "How Do We Turn On This Tap?" at the different hotels!

Push the tap? Pull it? Turn it and THEN push or pull it? Turn the switch? Call the front desk and ask them how to use the taps? Wait till the moon is full and the sun is in alignment with various planets and then pray for water?? Skip having a shower at all? O_O

I swear that some of those hotels needed a set of instructions on the wall!

And what''s with having a toilet full of water? If you''re feeling sick, you''ll drown while worshiping the porcelain god! ;p

Give me good old Australian plumbing any day! ^_^

Back to the story... After the tacky Madonna Inn, we drove on to Santa Barbara, and got to our hotel there.

I did some washing, and then spent the rest of the afternoon, till dinner, at the pool. We had dinner at an Italian place, next to our hotel, which was actually quite nice.

I did take a photo of some of the palm trees with the moon in the background, but it didn''t come out. Unfortunately, that was the only photo I was really feeling up to taking while in Santa Barbara, so I have no photos of Santa Barbara. :(

That night, we went out to a small club/bar, where I sat and talked to others for a bit, before going back early, with others, to sleep.

Having hurt my knee didn''t do much for me enjoying Santa Barbara, or taking photos. :p

16th July 1999

Ah, the last day of our tour...

We went down through Santa Barbara, down to the beach.

I wanted to go lay in the sun for a while, but the morning was overcast and not very warm. Instead, for the morning, I went into the main street, which was the place for shopping.

I walked (limped, really) around the shops, looking around, until I found a beauty shop that did massages.

As my body was aching all over, probably from the fall, I went in for an hour massage. Ah, that was heavenly!

Unfortunately by the time I got out, it was time to head back to the coach. I thought that I''d be able to get back and have some time at the beach - maybe 30m, but the little trolly that takes people down to the beach was late. :p

I managed to get back just in time to go!! So I still didn''t get any photos of Santa Barbara... but thanks to Eric, I have some Santa Barbara photos, taken by the beach!

We headed back for LA and Anaheim, passing the Hollywood sign to get there - ooh, I got a slightly better photo of the sign than last year. The tree is only partly in the way! ^_^;;

Anyway, we got back to Anaheim, to the hotel we started at, and had to say goodbye to everyone. It was sad having to say goodbye, but I had a few more days to look forward to - I was going to Anime Expo ''99!

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