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Would You Spend A Week With These People?

My Travel Companions Photo, Algonquin Park, Ontario

Having just returned from a week's canoe tripping in Canada's Algonquin Park, I'd like to tell you about my travel companions.

Some of us had nicknames already, or received them while on the trip:

Bob:  was our "leader on water".  In Scouts Canada lingo, he has his water charge certificate, and is therefore "in charge" when we're on the water.  He was also the transporter of canoes, because he has a truck and we don't.

Rex:  earned his nickname on the trip up in the car.  You see, Rex spent about half the trip with his head out the window, grinning at people, and trying to make them wave back at him.

Garfield:  earned his nickname about halfway through our trip.  Garfield was always one of the last up in the morning, and tended to nap a lot in the afternoon.

Hoover:  earned his nickname the first time we took him to camp.  For breakfast that Saturday in October, he ate most of a loaf of bread, four slices at a time, carefully spreading each with peanut butter or jam.  (We ended up making a trip into town for more bread that afternoon.)  I'm sure it was difficult for him to limit himself to the same amount of food that everyone else was eating on the canoe trip.

Medic:  earned his nickname last year, when over various occasions he gashed open his forehead, and  cut his hand while closing his knife.  Ironically, Medic didn't hurt himself at all during the canoe trip, but by then the nickname was in place.

We're still looking for nicknames for the following...

Frank:  is Garfield's father.  Poor man, Rex rode in his car!  This was his first canoe trip, but he kept up with the rest of us, and had innovative solutions to our dish-washing problems.

Daryn:  was "in charge" on land.  Kept a look-out for bears and moose, of which we saw neither.  Lost his vitamins to a pack of raccoons on the last night in camp...

Me:  I have yet to have been given a nickname that sticks.  They tried calling me "Hop" after a night of bowling (maybe that'll be another story!), and Hoover tried naming me Fire Bat after my pyromaniacal tendencies at camp, but mostly they just call me Angela.

So, there you have it.  Seven males and one female survived a week together in the wilderness.  

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