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Getting Around is Easier When You Have a Car!

The Car Photo, St. Maarten/St. Martin, Caribbean

Before travelling to Sint Maarten, I'd heard from several people who'd been there before that the taxis were very expensive, and the bus service, while being a more thrifty option, was not on a strict schedule. We decided to rent a car.
After landing, and waiting in the Customs line, and getting our bags, we were inundated with choices for car-rentals, ranging from recognized North American companies, to "Island Car Rental" and the like. We decided to stick with a known company, and boarded the shuttle bus (mini-van) for Budget Rent a Car.
We hadn't reserved a car, so those people with reservations were taken ahead of us, but eventually we were able to rent a car. Our car was a green Toyota RAV-4. When we got out to it, the staff member accompanying us said, "hope you don't mind not having music"...where the radio should have been was a gaping hole. It was a little dented, and there was no spare tire, and, as we found later, the rag-top only had one working clip, so we couldn't even close it up securely.
We were happy to have this particular car later in the week when we drove to the top of Pic Paradis, a very bumpy road which most of the other rental cars could not make it up.
I definitely recommend renting a's more expensive overall, but the freedom to go wherever we pleased, whenever we pleased, was great!

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