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Sleeping with Simon Bolivar

If you ever take a trip to Porlamar, you will likely be forced to spend the night (6 hours) at the Caracas Simon Bolivar airport (or pay for a hotel room for 4 hours, and get yourself to and from the airport ($40) with the remaining 2). We took the cheaper option and spent the night at the airport. Things were pretty fun until about 11 pm, when everything closed. We looked at the shops, and sat at the bar where there was plenty of cheap, tasty Polar beer on tap. Now, after about midnight when most of the flights have gone, the Simon Bolivar airport can be a really scary place. The homeless start coming in and going through all of the trash. They are harmless, but it makes it impossible to sit in peace because you have to keep a constant eye on your belongings. Much worse were the roaches. These things were just enormous, and I was afraid that some would get into my suitcase and I'd bring them home, so I got to get in a big fight with my partner and wake him up to push two little cafeteria tables together and put our suitcases up off the floor. The other problem with these roaches is that they are really fast, and zip around. One scuttled across my arm, and I had imaginary crawlies all night. We also had about 20 mosquito bites each by the time we left.

So my advice is this: if you get stuck in Caracas for the night, spend the money on cabfare and a hotel. If you decide not to, bring bug spray and wear long pants and long sleeves.

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