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Non-governmental organizations

One of the things that you may want to do in India in order to get a better flavor of everyday life, and to admire the courage of those who thrive to rise from the poverty that the general populace typically live under, is to visit any number of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) operating there. I found one such NGO in Jodpur, founded to help women in a number of ways--to start businesses, to raise children, or just simply to support each other in their everyday life. The women meet once a week to talk about any issues that are on their minds. I was at one of the meetings, and even though I did not understand Hindu, found the camaraderie, the warmth, and even love among these women truly inspiring. My friend translated some of the stories, of women who were sold to their present husbands, of women who were trying to understand the bewildered modern state, of women who wanted to get some capital so they can offer their girls better choices in the future, in short, every kind of stories. I was almost in tears by the time I left, and found these types of organizations truly deserving of our assistance. I have never thought much of charity, having been jaded by stories of abuses in the U.S., where overhead goes to pay inflated salaries of CEOs who earn in the hundred of thousands of dollars. But I have been a loyal contributor to the causes of small NGOs in the world ever since.

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