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From Rhodes to Bodrum

Bodrum and Marmaris are two coastal towns with direct boat service to the Greek Islands. To add spice to our trips, we decided to take the water route between Rhodes and Bodrum, rather than through air directly back to Istanbul. The day we arrived in Rhodes, the sun was out, it was warm but not unduly so--perfect weather--and the sea was calm. We bought tickets on the hydrofoil, because it leaves in the late afternoon late so that we can have some time to visit Rhodes, and because it is much faster than the regular ferry. Little did we know that a day can make such a big difference.

The day we left, the morning was passable. But increasingly, the clouds rolled in, and the sea became a big choppy. Both my partner and I were fine travelers, and had never experienced seasickness. Well, a trip on a Greek/Turkish hydrofoil on rough seas will do almost everyone in. The boat was lurching back and forth, and when they tried to engage the hydrofoil, I can almost see the water splashing into the outer part of the vessel. It was not pleasant--most of the passengers were holding onto plastic bags for dear life. My friend almost passed out, and forbade conversation. From boredom, and because of the stuffy room, I decided to lurch out to stand by the vessel door and watch the turbulent water rather than sit in the stale air of the cabin. That turned out to be a great discovery, as fresh cold air woke me right up, and took away any feeling of dizziness. One of the seamen nodded at me and spoke something, and seemed to indicate that congregating inside was a bad mistake, and standing out there was one of the few things that could help. Of course, I don't recommend this method for someone who typically gets motion sickness, but for those who don't, it seems to work well.

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