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Swimming the Oludeniz lagoon

For some unknown reason, the swarms of tourists tend to congregate at the tip of the lagoon, which means that the stretch of beach where the lagoon opens into the open sea is comparatively deserted. If you want to avoid the crowd, it is as enjoyable to stake claim to this stretch, as it is as calm and as pleasant to swim here as elsewhere. I would vouch for this--as I don't really know how to swim, and a childhood experience had inspired a fear of waves.

So I informed my friend and told him that I had tried to take lessons in several schools, without success. He insited that I should learn to swim, as the Mediterranean is the saltiest body of water, which means that it has the greatest buoyancy, and therefore will help me float. Little does he know. It was fine when he had his hands behind my back, but the second it was withdrawn, I was sunk. And for those of you skeptical about the saltiness of the water, let me assure you, it is horrible. The minute I took a mouthful of that water, I felt as if my mouth was going to crack from saltiness, and I just gagged, which of course made it infinitely worse, as it just went right through. Well, I guess I was never meant to learn how to swim.

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