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The limestone peaks of Guilin

The limestone peaks depicted in many brochures are justly famous. The spectacular landscape, dominated by perpendicular stone outcroppings known as the Jade Mountains, that seemed to jut straight out of the green, undulating Li River, immediately recalled the gracious brushwork of China past.

The outcroppings are the result of millennium of erosion by water and wind. It is the land of the mythic, where each outcropping gives rise to images of huts on top of the mountain, where sages in the guise of Taoist monks or martial arts masters build their own domain, away from the tiring and competing call of the rest of society. It is a place where these wise men (and they are invariably men in those days) would gather to discuss life, nature, immortality, and dreamed of wise sayings for us to still follow into the 21st century. You can admire the mountains from the Li River Cruise, or visit their peaks individually.

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