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Is it really a walk?

Is Queen Charlotte Walk a walk, a hike, or a military boot camp? New Zealanders must have considered Queen Charlotte a stroll, for nowhere in any brochure or any tour book was there a warning that a little bit of work is required. Of course, the fact that the top of the walk is 1100 feet high should have served as a warning, seeing as we started at water level when the boat dock into the entrance to Ship Cove. Anyway, the trails are real good climbs, and at one point, I was so tired that I just had to yell at the top of my lungs, to relieve some frustration. That said, I really enjoyed the absolute gorgeous scenery, and well, my sense of accomplishment when we actually completed the walk.

The brochure told us that from Ship Cove to Resolution Bay takes 2 hours. Well, it does take that much time, and requires that we walk almost non-stop, with just little breaks to admire the view. When the sign warned us that we did not cover half of the distance in half of the time, we panicked and almost ran. When we got to the spot where we were to be picked up, my legs were just trembling. Luckily, the way is uphill in the beginning, and downhill towards the end, but if there is one frustrating thing about the walk, it is that nowhere is there any sign to prepare us for what came next. The map they gave us at the information kiosk was totally useless, as there indicates a straight line. Well, just be forewarned.

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