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Hiking to Twin Falls

The trail starts at the parking lot, where you climb over a gate, past a No Trespassing sign and follow a path through a small open field. Soon the trail connects to a dirt road that tracks gently uphill. There are a few side roads, but you'll easily recognize which is the main road and which are driveways. Soon enough you'll probably hear people off to the left.

Small paths lead down to the stream and people pick out a private pool of their own. Local courtesy calls for you to find your own pool instead of intruding on others, but there are enough to pick from - just move upstream a bit more. At least one of the pools has a rope swing, but it looked too short to be useable - perhaps it was longer before it broke! This part can be fun, but you're here for the twin Falls, so get back on the trail!

After 15 or 20 minutes of walking, there's a fork in the trail, with the main path off to the left. To make it clearer, there is a rock at the intersection - it's about a foot and a half high - with a chalk drawing of a waterfall on it. Take this left, just like everyone else. There's a little complication getting over a small concrete aqueduct before getting back on solid ground again.

But soon the trail dead ends at the edge of a stream. Up ahead about 150 feet in the shade you should be able to make out the falls. A few people are likely to be walking through the stream on their way to or from the falls and another dozen people cluster around the pool at the base of the falls.

To get to the falls you need to walk through the stream. You came all this way and you know in advance that you're going to get wet. The water is relatively warm (compared to the Io River - and I should do an entry on that one of these days) knee deep or less. And when you get to the waterfall, you're going to go for a swim. So no whining, just do it! The water at the falls is a bit murky because the falls churns up a little sediment, so don't dive or jump in. There are submerged branches and uneven rocks below the surface - but its great for a swim. Deepest spot is, naturally, where the falls land. Stand there and let the water splash all over your head and shoulders!
But there's only one waterfall; no twins. That seems wrong to me.... After all, it is Twin Falls, isn't it? The secret is to go back to the intersection in the trail, the one with the waterfall drawn on a rock, but instead of turning right to go back to your car, turn left. Walk the path less traveled. You'll be walking on a narrower path, crossing over small concrete aqueducts on steel gratings twelve inches wide, three feet long and even walking on the aqueduct wall itself. Please don't be scared off - I use the term aqueduct, but they're nothing more than concrete walled drainage ditches. It's no big deal, definitely not a threat to your safety or well-being. Five minutes walk will get you to a second waterfall, a slightly smaller version of the first. It's more open and sunny.

The best thing is that there are rarely people here. People who get this far are not looking for a group experience and usually continue further upstream. Again, remember that the water, while fine for swimming is not clear and beware of objects below the surface.
The trail to Twin Falls has been closed at times. It goes through private property and many side paths go to someone's home. Small side roads are probably driveways. Show these people some courtesy. Please don't ruin things for the rest of us. If you do find yourself wandering into someone's yard, turn around and get back to the main path.
You know, if IgoUgo would allow me to indent to make paragraphs and skip lines to emphasize or clarify my entry it would be a lot easier and more enjoyable to read. It gets to be a mess when the lines all run together. Maybe if enough of us whine about it, they'll make some changes. ANYHOW, good luck and remember, if you pull off the road to Hana and do fun things like this you'll never get there. And that's a lot better than driving yourself to get to Hana or the Seven Pools, saying 'Is that all there is?' and driving back.

Take the ride and when you get bored or annoyed, turn around.

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