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Degrees of Wetness in Canaima

Wetness varies according to time of year!

Dry: The only dry 'waterfall' trip available in Camaima is the spectacular flight over the magnificent 'Angel Falls' - a must do!

Damp: A native boat (curiara) will take you for a great photographic opportunity in the amazing pinky brown waters of Canaima Lagoon. Get slightly damp from the spray from the horseshoe shaped falls that form the back drop of Canaima Lagoon.

Wet: A trip to 'Saltos del Yuri' should in theory keep you dry - as the waterfalls & rapids are viewed from the safety of dry land but depending on the time of year you go the path through the forest to get to the falls may be flooded! When I say flooded I mean flooded - we had to wade through thigh deep water & shorter people were up to their waists!

Drenched: The awe inspiring trip to 'Salto Angel' up the Carrao river will leave you wondering at the power of nature & feeling very wet! (Please see entry: ' Riding rapids in search of an Angel' for more details)

Drowned rat: Walking on a narrow path behind a thundering waterfall in rainy season has to go down as one of the surest ways on the planet to get drenched & this is just what you will do on the 'Salto El Sapo' (Frog Falls) trip.The noise is incredible & the sheer power of the water pummeling over your head in the middle of the falls literally takes your breath away. If you make it to the other side you'll be lucky enough to see a frontal view of the waterfall from close range.

Be warned - don't take a camera & wear a swimming costume - you'll come out looking like a drowned rat!

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