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The top dive sites in Palau

'Blue Corner': not a dive for the faint hearted! The currents are very strong & require the diver to hook into the rock to prevent being swept away. So why go there if it's so hairy? Because you'll probably see more sharks (grey reef) & barracudas than you ever have in your life! They gather here to feed in the tidal currents. If you're lucky you'll see the resident Napolean Wrass & if he doesn't come out you're still guaranteed to see thousands of smaller, colourful reef fish & beautiful coral.

'Ngerchong Coral Gardens': It's called 'coral garden' for a good reason! Located on the east side of Palau it has a wide array of spectacular corals & is home to huge communities of schooling reef fish.

'Ngedebus Wall': One of many great drift dives along walls in Palau - often giant clams (weighing up to 1,000 pounds) & cuttlefish with there ever changing bodies can be seen.

'Jelly fish Lake': The weirdest experience in all my years of snorkelling! After a short hike to this inland saltwater lagoon - you don your snorkel & fins & voluntarily jump into a lake full of jellyfish! Sounds crazy but these jellyfish have been trapped in this lake for millions of years & have evolved to survive through photosynthesis rather than killing prey for food - so they've lost the ability to sting. It still feels very counter intuitive to believe that this is true & jump in the water with them - especially when one gets stuck inside your swimming costume!

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