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I had never flown Royal Jordanian. I boarded in Frankfurt with a group of educators going to some sort of convention. They were out of their seats during the entire flight passing around food from 15 or 20 different countries. As we approached Amman, it seemed that we were going to land right in the middle of the dessert. I couldn't see a city anywhere. The sand began to show signs of green as we came closer to the runway, and then we were down. Luckily I was sitting to a man who had traveled to Amman many times before. He gave me the tip to change some money for dinars near the gate. I changed my money and then as I approached immigration I saw the stream of my fellow travelers heading back to the Money Exchange near the gate. Since the cab drivers also wanted to be paid in dinars, I was set. The cab ride into town was about forty five minutes. I was impressed with a city that seemed to cover an area of rolling hills. At night I was reminded of Calgary. The buildings were almost all low rise and made of white cement. My hotel (the Marriott) was in a part of the city that seemed to be filled with other hotels and offices.

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