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Boston Common/Public Gardens

State House Photo, Boston, Massachusetts

These are two large parks in the middle of downtown. The BOSTON COMMON was a bit of a letdown. There was not much there, as it was a place where people hang out (including street people). Just above there is the beautiful BEACON HILL neighborhood. I photographed a bunch of front doors because each one is unique.

PUBLIC GARDEN is the nation's oldest botanical garden, dating back to 1859. Cross over the picturesque Brooklyn Bridge and watch or ride the famous foot pedal-powered SWAN BOATS, which cruise the lagoon during warm weather months. Near the pond stands a series of small bronze statues of a mother duck and her ducklings from the book "Make Way for Ducklings," which was inspired by an actual duck that would stop traffic as she led her babies to the Garden's pond. Children line up and jump from duckling to duckling and have their photos taken.

Just north of the Public Garden, you'll find the BULL & FINCH PUB, the exterior of the "Cheers" bar of TV fame.

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