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Whale watching

We booked a whale watching trip with Monterey Sportfishing. There weren't enough of us to fill a boat, so they hooked us up with Randy's Fishing Trips.

Our captain, Bill, was experienced and informative. We went out past the Bay for about 45 minutes to find the area where the California grey whales are migrating. I figured we'd be the 10% of the people who didn't get to see any whales, but before long there were 4 or 5 of them right in front of us! Because the whales are trying to swim thousands of miles in just a few weeks time, they don't come up for air as often and you don't see much more than their backs and tails. It was still THRILLING to be 40-50 feet away from such a magnificent animal!

It was all the more impressive when we went to the Aquarium and saw the life-size model of one of these giants hanging from the ceiling. If you're into wildlife and/or whales, you've GOT to take one of these tours.

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