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This is what a small town should be

We have been looking for a place to retire and my brother told us to look at the Texas Hill Country. We decided to check out Fredericksburg because of all the wonderful information on their Chamber of Commerce's website (

We were enchanted with the area and find living would be very affordable there. Since we wanted to get a feel for the place, we went once for 3 days and then again for 5 days a month later. The people are "down home friendly" and it feels very safe. Where else do innkeepers routinely leave doors unlocked or keys under the mat?

It's an easy and scenic hour's drive from San Antonio or Austin (the way we came). There are lots of places that have guesthouses, many of them old log cabins. In many of the guesthouse-type lodgings, you may never see the host. That's fine with us. We're not really into B&Bs, but these kind appeal to us.

The only thing I found lacking was "full" use of the internet there. The Visitors Bureau on Austin Street has two computers with free internet access. That's good. But there is no way you can print something if necessary. They directed me to two different establishments where we could do that. One place wasn't open. The other place was open, but somehow lost their connection. We waited 20 minutes and they weren't able to get it back. They directed us to the public library. We signed up to use a computer (no charge), but weren't able to download a document that we needed to read and respond to. At least we could have printed something there for a few cents per page (had we been able to download it). We had to wait until we were back in Austin until we could access the document.

Other than that minor occurrence, we know why people keep going back to Fredericksburg. We will too.

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