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Westminster Pier to Greenwich on the Thames

Maritime Museum Photo, London, England

We took the tube to Westminster station on the Bakerloo line and exited a few hundred feet from the City Cruises pier. Round trip price to Greenwich was 7.50£ each and the boat was to leave in 15 minutes. We were 2nd in line, but as it was, there were only about 20-25 people waiting as we boarded. You can see what the boats look like at this website: click here. We sat in front by the window and as we sailed toward the Tower of London, our first stop, the captain gave us a narrative of the interesting sights along the way. After 5 minutes or so at the first stop, we continued on towards Greenwich. So many of the old warehouses are being converted to living spaces and for a pretty long stretch of river, all we saw were blocks of flats left and right. Happened to catch sight of the London Docklands Hilton, which is across the river from Canary Wharf. We had been tempted to stay here but it is way out of the way unless you have business in this part of the city. One hour after setting sail from Westminster Pier we arrived in Greenwich.

A 10-minute walk brought us to the Maritime Museum (the largest in the world, it is said), which was our intended destination. There are lots of other activities here, but we only had the stamina for one. As it was, we were here nearly 4 hours as there is plenty to see -- from a whole room on Lord Nelson, to wartime shipping, to submarines, to exploration by ship, etc. I did take one picture and didn't notice until we were leaving that it was requested that no photos be taken in the museum. There is a lovely cafe in the museum and you can eat inside or out. For a museum cafe, the food looked yummy and we fortified ourselves with a piece of moist chocolate cake and a cappucino. We would have stayed longer, but we wanted to catch the 2nd to last boat returning to Westminster. I would love to visit here again. Their website can be viewed at:

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