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Love those Llamas

Llamas Photo, Machu Picchu, Peru

The Andes have a monopoly on Llamas. Your trip to Machu Picchu will no doubt bring you face to face with an adorable llama. Standing about eyelevel, it is said they will spit at you if provoked, like a camel. If you are not interested in getting spit at, it should be no problem admiring them from a short distance. They are relatively calm animals and come in all different colors. The locals use llama hair to create many of their artisan crafts. Their fur is very soft. Most of the time the llamas will be minding their own business chewing on tasty grass. The llama represents the Andes Highlands and many of the artisan crafts will portray the llamas in one way or another. Many llamas are domesticated and are used to carry things around. I was never able to determine which ones where domesticated and which ones were not. Some people venture out and touch them. You do so at your own risk.

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