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Getting to Canaima

The approach. Photo, Canaima, Venezuela

Canaima is located deep in the Venezuelan jungle and can not be reached by automobile. There are no roads that penetrate this deep. Therefore, we selected the only other option for getting there, by plane. Our starting point was Cuidad Bolivar, on the edge of the jungle. We went to the airport and found an airline to take us to Canaima. Our plane was a single engine four seater. Since we were the only passangers and since things are more casual in Venezuela, our pilot flew us a couple hundred feet over the spot we were staying at and working. You will find that Venezuelans are a very friendly social people and happy to please. The flight took about one hour climbing to 6000 feet. We flew over the Guri Dam, the 3rd or 4th largest dam in the world. The remainder of the flight took us deep into the jungle and over the Grand Savannah of Venezuela. As you approach Canaima, the single most easy to detect feature is the airstrip, clearly the only spot for miles around where you can see the jungle floor from the air. After a smooth landing its time to enter the jungle...

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