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Being Crazy at Canaima

Canaima Falls Photo, Canaima, Venezuela

At Canaima Falls you can hike to the top of the falls for a view from the top overlooking the never-ending jungle, and the river as it weaves away into the jungle. Even though the waterfall is approximately 125 feet tall, before the final drop there several smaller cascades leading up to the main fall that vary in height from 2 to 10 feet tall. On the larger falls you can actually crawl on your hands and knees behind the falling water in an area barely big enough to accomodate your body. As you crawl you are careful to hang on to any rocky ledge or crack because if you are swept out from under the falls, about 25 feet down stream is the 125 foot drop. At any point you can stop and "sit" under the falls and extend your legs, arms and torso under the falling water, as long as you have at least one body part tenaciously grasping to a ledge or crack. It is quite a rush to feel thousands of gallons of water pounding on you on their way towards the final leap of water. The thundering, deafening sound adds to the rush. I'm told that this can only be done certain times of the year when the water levels of the river allow this. I'm attaching a picture of my friend and I waving from under the falls.

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