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Chapels of Ouro Preto-Minas Gerais to visit

John the Baptist Chapel (Ouro Fino) The oldest temple in Ouro Preto. Possibly constructed in 1698 by the first inhabitants of this region who participated in the Antonio Dias group. Made of canga (a clayey iron ore).

Chapel of Our Lady of Devotion The last of four chapels erected on the Ouro Preto mountain range, in the former Arraial do Ouro Podre. The date 1720 can be read on the cross. Saint Sebastian Chapel (Ouro Podre) Construction dates back to the middle of the XVII century. In addition the date of 1753 in the arch of the cross. Sant'Ana Chapel Built of canga (a type of poor iron ore) at the inception of the founding of Ouro Preto (before 1720, at the time of the fire ordered by the Count of Assumar). Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary of Browns in Father Faria Constructed in 1710. In 1740, it was home to the friary of Brancos do Rosario, expelled from the great Brotherhood of the Rosary by the majority of the blacks, which is being rebuilt and enriched. Splendid baroque altar-pieces. Chapel of Good Jesus of the Taquaral Flowers Built in 1748, in the village of Ouro Fino, as a replacement for the original stucco chapel. Firstly, under the invocation of Our Lady of Pilar, its name was changed to Good Jesus of Flowers of the Taquaral in 1855. Magnificent ceiling paintings. Chapel of Our Lady of Good Fate Built at the beginning of the XVII century. It is in this chapel that those condemned to death heard prayers for their souls. Chapel of Our Lady of Pain of Mount Calvary Built in the period 1768 to 1788 by the Portuguese of the Brotherhood "Dolorosa de Praga".

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