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Agana, Guam is and has been the seat of government for the island of Guam for most likely forever. Its name, Agana or Hagatna, is also called Guahan (we have)in the language of the Chamoru people. The people of the island,(taotao tano) were to have named parts of the island to correspond to parts of the human body. The Chamorro legends tell of Fu'una, who used the parts of her dying brothers body to create the world. Her brothers eyes were the sun and the moon, his eyebrows were the rainbows, his chest the sky and his back the earth. She then turned herself into a rock, from which all humans originated. It is the life blood of a larger body called Guahan or Guam. Hagatna is the life blood venue for government. I felt to appreciate a fine culture one most appreciate its background. So, relax your mind and dream of Guam! Historical information obtained from Guam tourist information at Guam government website.

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