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HorseRacing at Oaklawn Park

"And they're off..." Thus begins the racing season in Jan. through April, these words are repeated again and again. For a $2.00 bet you can win BIG. To win, means your horse wins, to Place means he comes in 1st or 2nd and to Show means he can come in 1st 2nd or 3rd, and the money is distributed accordingly. The higher the risk the more money, the lower the risk the less money. There is the daily double which are the 1st two races and the last two races. You must guess the winners of both races before the first one begins. Exact bets are betting which comes in 1st and which comes in 2nd in those races designated for exacta bets. Flooded throughout the three floors are tv screens filled with the horses racing. You can go see the horses on the lower floors as they await their race. The jockeys are so cute! So tiny! There are box seats and bleacher type seating, or stand outside and watch them cross that finish line. The best Rueben sandwiches with horseradish can be found here. Treat yourself! Races began at one and end around 5:30. Enjoy!

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