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The Majestic Spa

Bathing in the natural hot springs mineral water with the huge jets massaging away the stresses of daily life is one way of being good to yourself. The bath-house attendant scrubs you with a loofah pad, then ties it up in plastic so you can take it home and brush away the frustrations of the day at home in your own bath. She puts a paper cup under the faucet where the hot water is flooding out and fills it, handing it to you to drink up! Hot steamy towels are brought for your body and icy washclothes for your face. As you float into oblivion, before long, it is time to lounge around under the banana tree and cool down watching the aquarium full of fish swim lazily in circles. Painted a sea-foam green, the spa is calming and serene. Soon it is time for your massage, heaven on earth. Soothing music, dim lighting and hands that mirculously ease away all the tensions life offers. Feet, toes, thighs, legs, arms, shoulders, neck, scalp, then it's over on the other side for a repeat performance. You exit a limp noodle. Who needs prozac? A glass or wine or two or three? Counciling? Come here and see what relaxed means.

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