Scottsdale Stories and Tips

A Dude ranch experience

Saddle up your horses, we got some cattle to drive home on the range! What a grand experience for a day! About 25 of us greenhorns rode into the desert, which was a bit rough terrain. But that just made it more thrillin! The horses knew their way around, but we still got a rush riding over to the lone cow making its way out of the group and herding "the little doggie" along with the bunch. The wildflowers were stunning, every color of the rainbow and the blooming cactus (and you thought it was onion rings) were brilliant pinks and oranges. Be sure and take your contacts out if you wear them, cause it gets awfully dusty. Wear a bandana, it serves a purpose, rather than just looking the part.

Afterwards, we gathered for cowboy beans, huge steaks, biscuits and all the fixins over a huge bonfire. There was a country western group and everybody did the Texas 2-step. They had live entertainment with shoot-outs, rope twirlin, and bunco brockin. Salty margueritas or beer and the marqueritas were to die for to wash that trail dust from your tongue.

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