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Ballooning over Napa

While it is still dark, you go into the vineyards and see the fire lifting the balloons into the skies. As you float above the grapes below, you see the sunstreaked sky breaking the dawn. It is a special still moment of awe. Amazing how the pilot can steer the balloons. You can see the silouttes beneath you, and above and surrounding you are other colorful rainbows of giant balloons. Photo opportunity. The sensation is like how a bird must feel, soaring with the wind.

The people on the ground look like specks as they tend the vines. Then the landing, done so precisely. And you can walk across the vineyard to a generous breakfast with Napa lamb sausages on the grill, omelets, cheeses, fresh fruits and oh, but of course, champagne. Fresh orange juice and voila-mimosas! Buy your posters, tee shirts here too. You will be "pinned" with a hot-air balloon lapel pin to prove you really did fly! (Be sure and look in the tourist magazines, for that $50 coupon IS expensive, but what an experience!!!

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