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The Bellissimo Spa at the Oasis Resort at Grand Casino Gulfport

I had two treatments in an indulgent moment. The pedicure was the BEST I have had anywhere. The chair massages you as you sink back into it and plunge your toes in a toasty tub of swirling water with jets. You feet are lathered with exfoliator scrub, wrapped in masks, covered with plastic bags and hot steamy towels, massaged, including your calves and legs, and pampered royally. Be sure and get the Trailor Trash Red color!

The second treatment was a stress reliever facial. Your face is cleansed, massaged, moisturised, steamed, and your upper shoulders and neck massaged. I felt like a small child again with mommy wiping my face so tenderly. It was so delicious to escape from being a grown up temporarily.

There is a wonderful steam shower to feel like you are in some enchanted rain forest, as the music lends itself to a peace filled serene oasis. Then too, you wouldn't want to miss the sauna, where you can smell the cedar and feel like you are in an tea garden somewhere deep in the Orient. The jacuzzis, there are 3 of them, are a treat as well!

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