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To market, to market to buy....

Ok, so I have a friend who could get me into "MARKET". All the interior designers are there with their small suitcases on rollers, there is probably some professional name for it, but that is what it looks like! The prices are not bargain basement by any means, but incredible quality abounds. Of course you must pay up front and order it to be delivered to a business or warehouse wherever you live which takes forever. I bought a gorgeous wine table and bed with glass end tables, but when they arrived, no glass! I was told they didn't come with glass, although they had glass in them on display, so I got to hunt up a place where I live that cuts glass and take them there to have it made. Oh well! It was still an incredible experience! Such a selection, things you never see, except in magazines. Most things you had to buy in bulk, 6 or 12 or more of an item, so that was very limiting. They have a wonderful place to eat that stays packed with a great view.

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