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Day Trips to Marken and Volendam.

Here you will see the windmills, local costumes, antique shops, and wooden shoes being made and sold, and where cheese is produced. The tour of the windmills includes a cup of hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies, the handmade cheeses, and tastes of their local fare.

Marken in North Holland is like stepping back in time. Postage size gardens with produce coupled with flowers mark each modest home. Elderly ladies riding bicycles to church in long skirts and caps, barely stop to notice the tourists' gaping eyes. Lace softens the stark black color preferred. It is gratifing to see a place where tradition is still honored. We bought a lovely antique doorknocker which now hangs on our door and wooden shoes with our names engraved, now hold bulbs of tulips.

Try a herring, lightly salted with chopped onion, native style...

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