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The Architecture of Amsterdam

The striking gable forms are a charming feature of canal homes in Amsterdam. The earliest type is known as the "Stepped gable". The rooftops are bell-shaped, stair-stepped, rounded, arched, spiraled, and joined together in a delightful array of forms, textures and colors. Reflecting in the water below, it is picturesque as can be!

Walking the city is addictive. Warehouses usually had a simple triangular shape gable called "the cornet gable" and can be recognized by their wooden shutters. A second striking element of the facades are the stone tablets that functioned as name boards and addresses, picturing the profession or name of the person living there. The man who named Cape Horn, after his home town, the most southerly tip of America, made his home in one of these canal houses, as did the governor of the Dutch East India company. Rich in history and asthetic value, the views of Amsterdam are superb!

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