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Visiting an Ostrich Farm in Cape Town

The first thing you see are those long necks on those short stubby bodies in pens. Upon arrival, you are taken to see where it all begins, in the incubation room. While you stare amazed in the glass window, huge eggs begin to crack and tiny pieces of shell begins to crumble, as the babies made their way out into the cold outside world. Wet and slathered, they soon fluff up and are put in short pens where hundreds of baby ostrich chicks peep and scurry for the bowls of food. If you could catch them, you could pet them, fast little boogers they are! There is a museum with glass cases, where you will see a bra made out of ostrich eggs- where are you Dolly or Madonna?? A very cool gift shop has eggs engraved with animal or landscaped scenes, eggs with lights inside, carvings of African animals, beaded jewelery, ostrich skin purses, belts, briefcases, animal print scarves, carved salad serving pieces from local woods, to name a few items. Local tea called Rooibos was served, as were local dainty''s to try as you shopped. They certainly have the gift of hospitality! I understand an ostrich omelet will feed 24! We did try ostrich while in Africa, low in cholestrol, it tasted like beef.

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